Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Big B little b what begins with b? blogging ,baby, bubbles and a bumble bee...
Can you guess what we've been reading?

Yes, Ash and I are really delving into some esoteric literature recently. We've been studying the hibernal tendencies of ursus arctos (Bear Snores On) ,the umbilical stumps of African land mammals (Belly Button Book), and the nocturnal behavior of diminutive monkeys (Five Little Monkeys) With all this study of the animal kingdom that we are getting at bed time , we should be ready to host our own show on Animal Planet in no time. I can see it now: "Hi I'm Andy Cavanagh. Today on Kitty Cat Hunter I am going to hunt and capture the 10 most dangerous kittens in the world!" Yes I am truly a man without fear, friends.

Speaking of kittens, we seem to have adopted, or more accurately, been adopted by a stray and her kitten. This leads me to the inevitable question...How do you best cook cat? No seriously, Ashley is supposed to have named said kitty days ago but can't seem to come up with anything. Originally she said "Mooch" but that's just not very feminine sounding. Granted I am no feline gender-ologist, but given this cat has kitty utters and breast feeds her kitten I am going to assume it's a girl. So any name suggestions?

Back on the topic of reading, Ash and I are actually reading something not in board book form (although if it had come it board book form- I much prefer it that way- much better tasting in my opinion) Anyway, we are reading Blue Like Jazz. Incredibly funny, simple and profound. I haven't even finished it and it's in my top ten book list (I absolutely love making top # lists of different things- top 5 places I would love to visit, top 7 ice cream flavors, top 10 Polish wedding songs etc. )

Well this blog is getting long, so I will end it with a question to ponder...How should I end this?