Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No Clothes!

One of Katie's favorite books right now is called Adam, Adam, What Do You See?. The book highlights some of the major people in the Bible in order but in the style of Bill Martin, Jr. (also known for Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?). While Adam sees "creation all around me," Katie just sees, "no clothes!"

So I say, "Yes, Katie, Adam is naked. Before sin entered the world, people were naked and without shame." Do you think she got that? Either way, we turn the page.

Next comes Noah. "Nona, clothes!" Katie points out. And she continues to turn the pages pointing out people and saying, "clothes!" Eventually she always turns back to Adam and shows me that he, unlike the others, has no clothes.

"Katie," I say, "Adam and his wife Eve sinned and with that came shame. So people started to wear clothes. That's why everyone after Adam wears clothes." I think she's getting it.

Today we were playing outside, and I let Katie drink lemonade out of my cup. Of course it spilled all over her, so as we went inside, I took off her shirt and threw it into the washing machine. As we made our way upstairs to get her another shirt. Katie said, "No clothes!" She ran and got her blankie and put it over herself, giggling all the way.

Now I don't really think that Katie was ashamed because she has run around topless without shame after many a bath. And I while I don't think that she really "gets" the whole connection of clothes and the Fall, she is interested in the idea that for some reason, Adam doesn't wear clothes, while Abraham and John the Baptist do. Interesting what catches her attention.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Bad Dog

O.k. to be totally fair, I have to include this story, too. While Grandmommy may be a "good boy," I (Ashley) am, at times, a "bad dog." Last week, Katie was doing something that she shouldn't have been doing, and when I made her stop, she looked at me quite seriously and said, "Mommy, bad dog!" Interesting how our daughter expresses herself based on how we talk to our dogs. I am thankful to say that I am not the only "bad dog" in Katie's mind. A couple of days later, Zach DeGarmo was trying to escape out his front door when Katie yelled in protest, "No, Zach! Bad Dog!" Zach, I'd share a title with you any day. But maybe we can work our way up to "good boy" when you get back in town.

Good Boy!

So Katie is really into talking to herself these days. As she plays, she often talks to her toys or about whatever is on her mind. Yesterday, I was washing dishes and paused to listen in. She was talking about her "Grandmommy" (Ashley's mom), and it went like this. "Grandmommy in Houton. Grandmommy, good boy!" When do they start to understand gender? Apparently not yet. Either way, Grandmommy is apparently deserving of the same praise we give to our dog, Tex, when he occasionally behaves himself. Good boy!