Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Sincerest Apologies

Until I was fourteen, we lived next door to David and Peg Harmon.  Peg worked with the children's ministry at our church where she was known as Mrs. Peg.  Since she was called Mrs. Peg, I assumed that her husband must go by Mr. Peg which I called him for most of my childhood.  The adults all thought that this was cute, and so they never bothered to correct me.  Eventually I figured it out for myself that Mrs. Peg's husband was, in fact, Mr. Harmon, not Mr. Peg.  And for years this has been told in my family as a cute story of when I was a little girl.

Tonight I was recounting this story at Bible study when something horrifying occurred to me.  Mr. Harmon was a Vietnam vet who had lost a leg in the war, leaving him to rely on a prosthesis, a peg if you will, in its place.  So, David Harmon, if you're out there, I am so terribly sorry.  There was no pun intended.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mommy and Nate Go to the Big D

Last weekend Mommy and Nate had a hot date to the Big D.  I had the great privilege of taking part in Haley and Matt Byrnes' wedding, and Nathaniel went as my date since Daddy had to work back in Austin.  Driving more than a couple of hours is a challenge with the little guy as he gets bored and voices his dissent quite loudly from that point forth.  But we made it to Dallas in one piece and even arrived at the rehearsal in time for Mommy to practice the scripture reading.  It was no small feat.

Haley and Matt had a great Texas-style rehearsal dinner on White Rock Lake overlooking the Dallas skyline.  Unfortunately, Nate-dog and I had to head out before the band took the stage.  He's not the two-stepper that his daddy is, and we both needed to catch some shuteye.

The wedding was beautiful and very honoring to the Lord, and I was grateful to be there sans baby due to a little babysitting help from one of my college roommates, Holly Crenshaw.  After the wedding, Hols and I got to spend some quality girl time together catching up and taking care of important goals like watching Baby Mamma in my hotel room.  I also kicked her butt playing Boggle.  Love you, Cren!  It felt great to actually win a game since Andy almost always beats me.

On Sunday we made our way back to Austin to find that Andy and Katie had a good time as well.  And although Katie was a little mad at me when I first got home (she wanted "space"), she warmed up pretty quickly, and we enjoyed some good time together before the week began.

Monday, August 04, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up

Nathaniel is now six months old.  It's hard to believe that half a year has already gone by.  I am so thankful to have such a wonderful son.  At six months, he is rolling over, sitting up, cutting his first tooth, and generally making sure that things aren't too quiet around here.  That boy is loud!  He loves to scream when he's happy, sad, hungry, dirty, whatever.  But he more than makes up for it by how cute he is.  His sister and two doggies can make him laugh like nobody's business, and based on how much he likes to bounce around when he's being held, that kid is not the type to sit still.  Let's see, he's joyful, loud, wiggly.... who does that sound like?  Mini-Andy.

Now I Lay Me...

Now I lay me down to sleep.  I pray the Lord to ride a llama?!

Part of Katie's bedtime routine includes praying.  We always ask her what she would like to pray about.  Last night, she asked me to pray that she could ride a llama.