Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Trinity

A couple of nights ago, Katie was "composing" a new song. She was singing about Jesus and His mommy and daddy. I asked her, "Katie, who is Jesus's daddy?"

"Will you tell me?" she asked.

"God is Jesus's daddy," I replied.

"So there are two Gods?"

"No. There is only one God, but Jesus and His daddy are both God."

"So there are two Gods."

"No. Just one. But it's really hard to understand. Mommy doesn't understand either."

How do you explain the trinity to a two-year-old child? Can anyone explain it to me?


After Nathaniel was born, my mom came to help with the kids. Katie would often make up little songs and sing them as we went about our day. My personal favorite was "Don't Get Allergies." I'm guessing that she was inspired by her dad's cedar fever. Anyway, my mom tried to take the opportunity to teach her a new word.

"Katie, when you make up a song, that's called composing. If you make up a song, then you are a composer."

"I'm a poser?"

Um, yeah.