Sunday, March 01, 2009


So I intended on writing this post weeks ago, but between a month of internet problems and seemingly unending illness, it just didn't happen.

February opened with two very special firsts for Mr. Nathaniel. On February third, he got his very first professional haircut. I mention the "professional" part because I made an attempt at it awhile back and cut his ear. That began and ended my career as a hairdresser. Anyway, Nathaniel made his mama proud and had a great time. Katie was a big help in keeping him happy. Not one tear was shed.

The very next day, we celebrated Nathaniel's first birthday at our home with some friends and family. In typical Nate-Dog style, he ate TWO dinners about an hour apart and then dove right into his chocolate cake with both arms. I really do not understand how he is not even on the growth chart. That kid eats like crazy!

At a year old, Nathaniel is crawling, pulling up, and cruising. He can say hi, Dada, bye bye, and dog. And today he just cut his seventh tooth. I can't believe that an entire year has gone by since he joined our family, and yet, I can hardly imagine us without him. We love you, Nathaniel!


The Wilcoxson's said...

It is good to get an update. Nice to hear that you have solved your internet problem. Happy belated birthday.

Carters said...

Where did you get Nate's haircut at? I looks like it would be a fun place for Caleb when I get his done for the first time...he loves anything with wheels.